Residential Project

A residential project is a special place where people build and live in homes. These homes can be different, like houses or apartments. The project usually has nice things like parks and pools for people to enjoy. It's like a little neighborhood created for families and individuals to have a good place to live.

Exterior Unit Villa Ibu Inge, by Barial Studio
Supermarket Cafe Barial Studio

Commercial Project

A commercial project refers to a real estate development that is designed for businesses and commercial activities. A commercial project is a special place where businesses like supermarkets and cafes are set up. Supermarkets have lots of things to buy, while cafes are cozy spots for snacks and drinks. These projects are made to help businesses and make shopping and eating easy for people.

Various Project

Various projects refers to a collection of different tasks and activities that we work on. These tasks can range from creating new things, including making a model for social housing, alternative materials building, and planning design project. Each project has its own goal and purpose, contributing to different aspects of improvement and progress in various areas.

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